Saint Louis DSA

Statement on the Endorsement of Cydney Johnson


The Executive Committee of the St. Louis chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, on behalf of the entire chapter, releases the following statement:

At our June 29th chapter meeting, the chapter passed a motion unopposed to rescind the endorsement of Cydney Johnson for his Missouri House of Representatives campaign. This decision was made in response to his unexpected and unforeseen decision, after the chapter’s endorsement, to accept an endorsement from the St. Louis Police Officers Association (SLPOA).

The SLPOA is a police union with a significant history of excluding and harassing non-White officers and residents of the city. Its head, Jeff Roorda, has made repeated inflammatory and racist statements on a variety of issues, including on Michael Brown’s murder in Ferguson and Anthony Lamar Smith’s murder in St. Louis.

Given the SLPOA’s history in the city, the chapter determined that it could no longer retain its endorsement of Cydney Johnson. As a result, this endorsement is hereby rescinded in full.

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