ARTICLE VII. Local Branches

  1. Definition
    1. A Local Branch is a subgroup of the Local consisting of at least five Members. Branches may be defined by geography, work site, constituency (e.g., labor, minority, feminist), or area of political work (e.g., peace action, environmental movement). The chairs of the Branches will hold membership on the Executive Committee.
  2. Youth Sections
    1. Branches established on college campuses and consisting of students, at least in part, will be called Youth Sections. Youth Sections must have at least five Members. The Chairs of Local Youth Sections will hold membership on the Executive Committee.
  3. Formation
    1. Local Branches may be formed by petition of at least five Members to the Executive Committee.
    2. Upon such petition, and after due consideration, the Executive Committee shall ratify or reject such Local Branch.
      1. The Executive Committee shall publish a reason for each such ratification or rejection.
    3. Each branch may elect at maximum two chair persons to coordinate the actions of the Local Branch.