Building Worker Power Through An Stl Dsa Labor Formation Committee

Current Chair(s):

Alicia O and Joshua A |


WHEREAS, workplaces are the key site of exploitation of working people by capitalists, and a place where racial and gender oppression are reproduced again and again. Because workers produce the wealth and services that keep our society running, we have a unique power at the point of production to disrupt the status quo. Organizing people against exploitation at work and building solidarity to overcome divisions in the working class is a central struggle for socialists. Through workplace fightbacks, rank-and-file workers can develop the class consciousness, organizing skills, and confidence that we need to defeat the bosses.

WHEREAS, rebuilding a fighting labor movement is a task for all STL DSA members, not only union activists. Organized labor can be opaque to people who aren’t as experienced with it, and the national Democratic Socialist Labor Commission (DSLC) and national staff offer support to DSA chapters and their labor formations to map local labor movements, identify labor allies, and forge effective coalition projects such as organizing the unorganized, supporting contract and strike campaigns, and labor legislative priorities,

BE IT RESOLVED, STL DSA create a Labor Formation, made up of multi-racial workers, rank-and-file union members, union staff, labor educators, and labor activists committed to building a strong, militant, democratic labor movement and its socialist wing, all of which are key to a rebirthed, truly mass socialist politics. To help bring about this revitalization, the Labor Formation engages in workplace organizing support, labor education, solidarity work, and more.

BE IT RESOLVED, the Labor Formation’s role will be to:

  • Organize & mobilize STL DSA members to act in solidarity with organizing workers in the greater St. Louis area, such as organizing strike line support and showing up to direct actions,
  • Build relationships between union members in the St. Louis region and the chapter, especially in unions with current STL DSA members,
  • Organize political education events for members and non-members about the labor movement, unions, and labor law,
  • Conduct workplace organizing trainings for members
  • Support workplace organizing efforts our members are involved in, and create opportunities for members to organize across their industry,
  • Build STL DSA’s membership through workplace organizing, and
  • Incorporate national Democratic Socialist Labor Commission campaigns into the chapter’s work, and act as a liaison between the DSLC and STL DSA

BE IT RESOLVED, in order for the Labor Formation to be successful in its role, the Chairs will ensure that within the first year (Oct ‘21- Sep ’22):

  • The Labor Formation will have regular monthly Formation meetings starting October 2021
  • The Labor Formation will host 2 Strike fundraisers for the year or 2022
  • The Labor Formation will have an Action Network list of members and supporters built and maintained by November 2021 in order to communicate about meetings and events, and mobilize for solidarity support
  • The Labor Formation will host 2 educational events in the year 2022
  • The Formation Chairs will meet with a representative of the DSLC within the first 3 months of the Formation’s existence

BE IT RESOLVED, voting and membership of the Formation shall be open to any member in good standing of STL DSA who has attended a Labor Formation event in the past year and meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Is a member or employee of a labor organization. A labor organization is

defined as a union, union organizing Formation, rank and file caucus or advocacy

organization, worker center, or legal advocacy firm that represents workers.

  1. Is a retired worker who was a member or employee of a labor organization

immediately prior to retirement.

  1. Is engaged in an active union organizing campaign at their job. The chairs

will determine what constitutes an active union organizing campaign. Members

applying under this article may be asked to explain why they have not yet formed a

union organizing Formation.

  1. Is an active or retired journalist, educator, or researcher whose paid work is

predominantly focused on the labor movement.

BE IT RESOLVED, the Formation will be organized by two co-chairs. From the Formation’s implementation to the 21’-22’ chapter election, Alicia H and Joshua A will act as Labor Formation Co-Chairs. As of September 2022, the Formation co-chairs shall be elected by the chapter at least once per year, at the September General Meeting.The election timeline will be the same as that for the chapter’s Executive Committee.

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, the chair(s) shall ensure that a membership list and meeting minutes are maintained, and that any records are passed onto newly elected chairs. The chair(s) shall keep a list of projects that the Formation is working on (such as campaigns and coalitions) and maintain a list of the Formation members serving as the point person for updates on that project. The chair(s) shall also schedule and promote meetings at least 5 days before their occurrence. This shall include an agenda, meeting time, and meeting location. The chair(s) will coordinate with the relevant chapter formations to ensure the Formation’s work is integrated into the chapter, especially including the Executive Committee, the Communications Committee, and the Leadership Committee.

Upcoming Events:

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