BERNIE-and Beyond

April 13, 2020

After a hard-fought primary, this past week saw Bernie Sanders officially suspend his campaign, effectively ending his run for the 2020 presidential nomination. While this is undoubtedly a major disappointment and setback, we should also be absolutely clear about the huge advances Bernie’s campaign made for democratic socialism. Millions of voters across the country made it known that continuing down a path of neoliberalism, means-tested social programs, and a system where the most vulnerable are continuously left behind is unacceptable. 

We also know that the end of a campaign can not be the end of our movement’s momentum. We must continue to fight with those millions—as well as the millions more now being affected by a global pandemic and its economic effects; and the billions more that will be devastated by climate disaster if capitalism continues on its destructive trajectory. 

To win this fight though, we need a truly mass movement of the entire working class. We need to fight for material improvements in the lives of working and oppressed people now, while maintaining a transformative strategy that seeks to fundamentally reorganize society. The Democratic Socialists of America have seen explosive growth thanks to the campaigns of Bernie Sanders and other elected leaders, not to mention the work being done by chapters across the country, and we are now by far the largest socialist organization in the United States. If you haven’t, please join us (or renew!), and—if you’re already a member—get involved! We have a world to win.

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