Celebrate the full legacy of MLK

Jan. 18, 2021

Today we all celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but many Americans conveniently choose to select only parts of King’s dream. In addition to racism, King opposed capitalism and imperialism and recognized that a system of democratic socialism was necessary to overturn the systemic oppression plaguing American society. In 1961, King said to the Negro American Labor Council:  “Call it democracy, or call it democratic socialism, but there must be a better distribution of wealth within this country for all God’s children.” Next time you hear someone talk about King’s dream of a color-blind society, make sure to remind them that his dream also included a system of democratic socialism where the people have democratic control over their lives and workplace.

King’s democratic socialism was also inspired by his religious convictions. King’s understanding of Christianity was based on the teachings of Jesus, who—like King—had his radical beliefs co-opted by conservatives who ignored his rejections of greed and support for the poor. While you do not need to be a Christian to be a Socialist, it is hard to imagine how one can not be a socialist if they truly follow the beliefs of King or Jesus.

Join St. Louis DSA as we host a discussion on how the politics of socialism and the politics of Jesus intersect. The panel includes local St. Louis area clergy, professors, and activists that will explore in conversation what it means to be both Christian and Socialist. The conversation will be moderated by Andrew Wilkes, pastor of The Double Love Experience in Brooklyn, New York and co-editor of the Religious Socialism publication of DSA—You can RSVP here.

NOTE: While STL DSA gives Trinity Episcopal Church a monthly donation for use of space for storage and meetings and we are hosting this event, we are a secular organization and welcome people of all faiths and religions to join us at our events and to become members!

City Politics are heating up!

The St. Louis city Board of Aldermen and Mayoral races are coming up, so if you’re a city resident it’s a great time to get involved. On Thursday’s (members only) electoral working group meeting, we will weigh in on some potential local endorsements. We believe this could be an important election in our city if we’re able to gain more progressive representation and break the stranglehold of the capitalist status quo on our city. Below are several forums and debates available to help you weigh in on who to support in the upcoming elections.

Action STL (Mayoral) - Already happened, video is available.

St. Louis Young Democrats (Mayoral, Comptroller, Board of Aldermen) - January 19th, 7PM

St. Louis League of Women Voters (Mayoral)- January 23rd, 3PM

Social Policy & Electoral Accountability Collaborative (SPEAC) (Mayoral) - February 10th, 6:30

Spy Plane

In case you missed it, a couple weeks ago, the Public Safety Committee on the St. Louis City Board of Aldermen passed Board Bill 200, which gives Persistent Surveillance Systems the right to fly spy planes above the city. These unmanned planes were originally used for war and are another step towards the militarization of police. In addition, having a private corporation working with the State to monitor and collect data on its residents is a violation of our civil liberties and should terrify socialists.  Fortunately, there is still time for us to defeat the bill from passing though. The Board of Aldermen still must approve the bill and the private investors have said they want additional funding and community support for the spy planes. City residents, please sign and share this petition saying No to the Spy Plane!

Tenant Organizer Needed!

Homes for All—St. Louis, a housing justice organization that STL DSA is a part of, is hiring a tenant organizer! The role is focused on building power in Black and Brown communities around the Greater St. Louis area and altering the socio-political landscape for renter-friendly policies by catalyzing tenant unions.

To apply, please send a resume with at least 3 references to h4astl@gmail.com and respond to the prompt in 1000 words or less: “One of our slogans is ‘Housing is a Human Right’, what does this mean to you?

Socialist Sprouts!

Interested in creating a more inclusive and welcoming space in STL DSA for parents, caregivers, and children? If you are a member that is a caregiver, or are interested in helping organize Socialist Sprouts, please fill out this short survey!

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