Decline to sign the airport privatization petition!

June 15, 2020

If you have been at an action, public event, shopping center, or even staying at home, you may have been approached recently by somebody asking for your signature. The pitch you heard may have varied—reparations for oppressed communities, reinvestment in the North Side or other neglected areas, or just “cleaning up” the government in St. Louis. While all these messages may seem aligned with our socialist values, the ugly truth is that the reason for this petition is a continued push to privatize Lambert Airport, and St. Louis DSA is committed to continuing the fight to stop it.

If you are approached by a signature gatherer, decline to sign and tell anyone you see talking to the gatherer to do the same. Often just being present and countering the message of the gatherer is enough to dissuade anyone from stopping by to sign.

If you see gatherers at the protests to defund the police, tell everyone around that this petition guarantees $300 million of the proceeds from the deal to the police.

Looking to hear more about our anti-privatization campaign, as well as other chapter priorities (including our endorsed electoral campaigns), and an update on the local fight for housing justice? Our next chapter meeting is this Sunday, June 21st. The business portion will be short and followed by a fun, social (and socially distanced!) event especially geared towards newer members, to key them in to organizing opportunities and help them meet other comrades in the chapter. Hope to see you there!

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