Happy International Women’s Day!

March 8, 2021

Today marks International Women’s Day, in which we celebrate the achievements and contributions of women in society. Like many holidays, International Women’s Day is now tainted with capitalism, with companies like Amazon offering deals on books by notable women authors. But it’s important to remember the socialist origins of International Women’s Day. Many socialists recognized early on how capitalism subjugates women into a lower status and reproduces patriarchy, and that socialist liberation required the emancipation of women. Likewise, many great feminists, including Helen Keller, Rosa Luxemburg, and Angela Davis, were also socialists because they realized that overthrowing patriarchy necessitated full democratic control over the means of production.

Webinar and Candlelight Vigil this week!

The People First Budget campaign is rolling right along, and we are hosting two major events this week. First, on Thursday at 7:30pm we are having a webinar titled “Rethinking Transit and Public Services: Accessibility and Safety Across STL.” We will look at how privatization and the focus on public safety derails much needed public transit.

Then on Saturday, we are having an outdoor Candlelight Vigil at Trinity Church in the Central West End commemorating the year anniversary of the pandemic, and the lives lost from Covid-19 and capitalism. Capitalism’s inability to respond to the pandemic has cost thousands of people their lives and livelihood, and we want to honor them. This will be a masked and socially distanced event, and we hope to see everyone there!

Finally, if you have not yet signed it, please make sure to sign our People First Budget petition:

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