Happy Labor Day!

Sept. 7, 2020

Labor Day’s legacy of protecting and commemorating worker’s rights rings true now more than ever, as COVID-19 has devastated American workers. Labor Day 2020 marks a day when STL-DSA is in solidarity with unemployed and unemployed Missourians.

As a reminder, STL DSA ​Executive Committee (EC) elections are coming up later this month! The EC acts as the administrators for the local chapter and oversees the implementation of the decisions of the General and Regular Meetings. The EC also works with formal and informal leadership to build our membership, strategize, and create a welcoming space for all. You can learn a bit more about individual roles here​ and submit your interest using this form. EC elections will take place through online voting, immediately following our September General Meeting

Finally, we will also be discussing a proposal to fund a small arts project to produce an animated short about the dangers of privatization. Check out that proposal HERE.

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