Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov. 30, 2020

Across the country, people are hurting and their government—let alone capitalism—is doing little if anything to ease the suffering. In St. Louis, publicly funded programs that protect the actual public interest, and not just capital’s, are few and far between. As the COVID cases locally keep rising, and an economic recovery looks less and less likely in the immediate future, socialists (and everyone!) need to beware the threat of austerity: severe cuts to the needed resources and programs.

STL DSA has prioritized fighting privatization—helping beat back Rex Sinquefield and his cronies scheme to take over the airport—and we must keep up this fight to demand an anti-austerity budget from City Hall!

In order to do this, we need an effective strategy and campaign. Join us tomorrow, for the first of several conversations about how we can do that, including basics like cutting an issue and picking a target. New members and those curious about DSA welcome!

Reminder: December is for New Members!

If you’re new to the movement, a veteran pulled back into the socialist struggle, or just concerned that Biden and the Democrats will dissipate the tremendous energy needed in the fight for structural changes to save the planet from capitalism—our December STL DSA Orientation is for you!

Our New Member Orientation is here to help give new and potential members some grounding in DSA: what we believe, how the organization functions locally and nationally, and ways to get involved. Also we’ll give people a friendly face at the next DSA event you attend! StL DSA invites you to come learn about (and hopefully join!) our working class community organizing for power—RSVP here.

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