Join us for our November General Meeting!

Nov. 16, 2020

As we crawl toward the end of the Trump era, it’s more clear than ever that politics as usual will do nothing to stem the escalating crisis of capitalism. To fight this, we know we need to grow and strengthen our base of working-class people! Already we are seeing an exciting growth in membership and interest in socialism—just in time for our November chapter meeting. We want to give a space for new members or people interested in joining our movement a space to discuss with each other and learn what priorities and campaigns our chapter is up to.

In addition, we will be discussing this proposal by members Jon Stratton and Aaron Rogers to host a webinar about Socialism and Christianity, as a base building event. They will be at the meeting to present and take questions, then we will have an electronic vote in the days following. RSVP here and see you Tuesday night!

All StL DSA members can submit resolutions to be discussed at chapter meetings and voted on! Check out this submission form for the details, and contact the executive committee at with any questions. If you've got an idea but not sure how to get started, drop us an email!

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