Join Us Wednesday for a Discussion on Housing & Healthcare

March 29, 2021

Join the Protecting Public Ownership Working Group this Wednesday evening for the third and final webinar as part of its People First Budget series — “Taking Care of St. Louis: Protecting Housing & Healthcare as Human Rights.”

During the event, panelists will discuss the dangers of skyrocketing rent costs, stagnating wages, poverty and increasing homelessness within the St. Louis area, as well as major health concerns stemming from more than 540,000 people in Missouri having no healthcare coverage. Our panelists will also look at the racialized aspects of housing and healthcare in our region, including staggering statistics that reveal 31% of people without any healthcare coverage in our state are black or people of color.

Our panelists will consider how we can pave the way for more affordable housing and healthcare in St. Louis and the region at large, as well as how we can protect access to both as fundamental human rights.

The webinar will take place at 7:30 pm this Wednesday, March 31. RSVP to attend the event on Zoom here, or if more convenient,  live stream the webinar on our Facebook page.

Religious Socialists Caucus organizing!

Are you a religious socialist? Then we want to hear from you! A group of members are planning a Religious Socialist Caucus in StL DSA! The current goals of the potential caucus would be to offer a faith voice to socialist campaigns, provide a space where people of faith can live out their commitment to create more just and equitable communities from a religious socialist foundation, deconstruct the perceived animosity between socialism and religion in the public imagination, and promote socialism within religious spaces, congregations, and institutions. If you are interested in helping develop the proposal further, please email the chapter at and the EC will put you in touch with the authors. We are particularly interested in having non-Christian members involved in the planning!

Reminder: Sign the People First Budget petition!

The St. Louis city election is almost here, and our Spring “People First Budget” campaign is winding down. There is still time to make demands of the local politicians before the election though. We are demanding politicians refuse cuts to public services outside of police and jails, reject any attempts at privatization, and pass pro-public ownership legislation. It is extremely important that we have a local government that puts People First, and strengthening the public sphere to serve all of the city’s residents is a significant step forward. But we must apply pressure to politicians to get our voices heard! Let’s flood their inboxes with emails and let them know how we feel before the election.

If you are a city resident, please sign the petition here

If you live outside of the city, please sign here.

Building Power for Abortion Access

STL DSA's Socialist Feminist Working Group is organizing for the annual Abortion Access Fund-a-Thon. Thanks to all the members who have created a page or contributed, we’ve raised more than $5,000 for Missouri Abortion Fund so far, outraising all other Fund-a-Thon groups across the state and gaining a recent shout-out from the National DSA Socialist Feminist Working Group.

As socialists, we know attacks on abortion access are attacks on the working class. These funds are crucial, as they help pregnant people in our region gain access to the abortions and care they deserve. Additionally, abortion access has suffered tremendously under the Trump administration and the COVID pandemic, which makes this year's Fund-a-Thon especially important.

> Donate to and/or join our team here on our fundraising page!
> RSVP to our upcoming Trivia-Thon event on Saturday, April 3!

> Use this link to register a team (only 2-4 players required for a team).

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