Keep Warm—and Keep Fighting!

Feb. 15, 2021

As temperatures stay below freezing, we at STL DSA urge people to take care and stay safe. When the capitalist class and their political supporters will not provide people with what they need to survive, we know we need to organize and fight for that ourselves! If you want to stand with us, and fight in St. Louis and beyond for working class power, join DSA! And check out some of these events and actions coming up:

Finally, if you would like to meet with a chapter leader to find out how to get involved, please schedule a meeting with this form! More events and information below in this email!


A few weeks ago, we voted to join the Solidarity With SLPS (St. Louis Public Schools) Coalition. St. Louis continually closes public schools while opening new charter schools, causing further inequality in educational opportunities. The Solidarity With SLPS coalition calls on St. Louis city to put a moratorium on adding new charter schools in order to protect our public schools. We encourage all members to sign the petition!

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