Major Election Victories!

Aug. 10, 2020

Last week, we passed Medicaid Expansion: an amendment to the Missouri constitution, which will provide health care to 230,000 more Missourians! That’s hundreds of thousands fewer of us who won’t have to choose between healthcare and groceries.

Cori Bush will now be representing us in Washington, which is another large-scale win! Cori will now be able to lead our fights for Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, defunding the police, and more -- all while helping to make a space and an example for more democratic socialists in power around the country!

Even though Megan Ellyia Green won’t be heading to Jefferson City next year, we are reassured she will still be here in St. Louis, helping to lead the fight to stop the billionaires and capitalist interests from privatizing the airport, shutting down out state’s only abortion provider, and making life harder for poor and working people in this city.

We should also remember that, while wins are rejuvenating and help keep our momentum always pushing forward, we must realize the fight for a better world is far from over, and there is much more to do, even now. In November, it is likely that voters in the city of St. Louis will be faced with at least one attempt, again, to privatize Lambert airport. Legislators in Jefferson City and their powerful backers are also fighting to claw back some of the reforms voters overwhelmingly supported in last year’s CLEAN amendment, and go even farther with the grossly undemocratic Amendment 3. St. Louis DSA and the broader community of left and progressive movement activists must join and commit in the fight to defeat both these measures in November.

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