More Opportunities to Canvass for Cori Bush!

June 6, 2022

Recently, STL DSA membership voted to re-endorse Congresswoman and STL DSA member Cori Bush in her re-election campaign for both the August primary and the November general election. This past Saturday, STL DSA members canvassed for the campaign.

There will be more opportunities to volunteer and canvass, including this Saturday, June 11. If you’re interested in volunteering this weekend or on future dates, please fill out the interest form here.

The meetup location and meetup time for this Saturday is not yet determined, but once we have this information (later this week), we’ll send an email out to all who have completed the interest form.

RSVP: STL DSA Chapter Meeting on June 21

This month’s Chapter Meeting is coming up on Tuesday, June 21, at 7 pm (via Zoom).

If you haven’t yet, make sure to RSVP here for the meeting.

We’ll see you there!

STL DSA Votes Yes on $2,000 for Starbucks Solidarity Fund

At the May Chapter Meeting, membership voted yes on a resolution to donate $2,000 in matching funds to the Solidarity Fund and to begin a fundraising campaign to raise at least another $2,000.

Outside of this $2,000 in matching funds, we’ve raised $3,700, and we’ve given out $2,900 to workers. The purpose of the fund is to keep organizers employed at Starbucks by counteracting the company’s union-busting tactics, which include cutting hours and firing organizers. 

Please donate to our fund in solidarity here.

100% of proceeds are directed to Starbucks workers organizing in stores throughout the St. Louis region to support their livelihoods while they’re taking brave and risky action against one of the most powerful employers in the world.


DSA has made it a nationwide priority to support organizing Starbucks workers that file in our region! If you’re a Starbucks worker at a store that has filed, a worker in an unorganized workplace, a worker in another union looking to show solidarity or you’ve been watching the labor wave from a distance but haven’t yet gotten involved, please fill out this form here and join us!

Note: If you’re a Starbucks worker at a store that hasn’t yet filed or started organizing, we can connect you with the union!

STL DSA Raised More than $10,000 for Missouri Abortion Fund!

We raised more than $10,000 for Missouri Abortion Fund, making us the top contributing fundraising group for the second year in a row and breaking our 2021 fundraising record by more than $6,000!

Thank you to everyone who joined our team, donated and shared our links. We could not have done this without you.

We encourage members to continue supporting abortion access by taking action with local organizations, such as by donating to Missouri Abortion Fund and signing up for action alerts from Pro-Choice Missouri and Advocates of Planned Parenthood.

Sign Up for the Communications Committee Meeting on June 16

Join the Communications Committee for our monthly meeting next Thursday, June 16, at 6:30 pm. We’ll be discussing ongoing priorities and potential future projects.

RSVP here for the meeting.

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