Feb. 1, 2021

Last week we voted to join the #ProtectSLPS (St. Louis Public Schools) Coalition. St. Louis continually closes public schools while opening new charter schools, causing further inequality in educational opportunities. The Protect SLPS coalition calls on St. Louis city to put a moratorium on adding new charter schools in order to protect our public schools. We encourage all members to sign the petition!

Other Chapter Business

In other exciting news, we have filled both vacancies on our Executive Committee. Congratulations to Alicia Hernández for returning as the Co-Chair and to Annie Shields for joining as the Treasurer. We are very fortunate to have two experienced and dedicated organizers willing to step up and help guide our growing chapter.

We also voted to renew our membership in the Missouri Jobs with Justice coalition. Jobs with Justice has been an important partner in our struggle for racial and economic justice. In addition, we voted to renew our commitment to making Trinity Episcopal Church as our Base of Operations. Trinity has provided us with a convenient and central place for meetings, office space, and storage, and hopefully one day we can return to in person meetings there!

If interested in other chapter business, please check our Twitter or Facebook pages.

Cori Bush’s Environmental and Racial Justice bill

US Representative—and St. Louis DSA member—Cori Bush and Senator Ed Markey are proposing a bill calling for Environmental and Racial Justice. Environmental problems have a disproportionate effect on Americans of color, and Bush and Markey are proposing a bill that will research decades of environmental racism and fight environmental and racial justice. St. Louis DSA is proud to endorse the bill, and we welcome everyone to sign on to show your support for it.

Interested in meeting with a chapter leader?

If you support DSA but are not an active member, and want to get more involved but are not sure where to start, we encourage you to sign up for a 1:1 with a chapter leader to help plug you in the chapter. Getting started as an organizer can be intimidating, but talking with one of our leaders will help you feel comfortable with knowing what we are about, how we operate, what campaigns we are currently involved in, and how you can help make the world a better place.

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