Q & A with Cori Bush Wednesday!

Oct. 5, 2020

Over the last four years, we have seen an explosion in interest in left-wing and socialist politics, including the growth of DSA—the largest socialist organization in the country—to over 70,000 members nation-wide. To keep this momentum going, DSA is starting our (first-ever!) recruitment drive for the next month! Current members committed to helping can pledge here. If you are not a member yet—but feel that the political status quo and ways wealth and power are shared in the US now are stacked against working people—you can join here!

To help kick off the drive, STL DSA member Cori Bush is taking part in a national Q&A for new and curious members! RSVP here to find out ways to get involved, at both the local and national level, with exciting campaigns and events to help grow the socialist movement!

Congratulations to the recently-elected 2020-21 Executive Committee! Chris O will continue serving as chair, with Julia N as recording secretary, Emmett M as corresponding secretary, Cody B as treasurer and comrade-at-large, and Kelly P as the other comrade-at-large.

In addition to the resolution outlining responsibilities for the Executive Committee and setting commitments to our priorities, we would like to share the following priority campaigns our chapter voted on for the next year:

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