Resolution 2021: Organize for Socialism!

Jan. 4, 2021

St. Louis DSA wishes everyone a Happy New Year and hope this is a big year for us! But hope alone will not make this year any better, we need to organize for it, because we know the problems are deeper than just the numbers on the calendar. Keep an eye on your inbox, join us (if you have not already), and let’s make 2021 a memorable year for STL DSA.

Medicare for All Organizing Call

As the COVID pandemic continues, and we continue to see politicians prioritize the interests of capital over working people, it has become even more apparent how important and basic a human right healthcare is for all people. In this spirit, DSA’s national Medicare for All campaign is kicking off 2021 with a series of regional calls, open to members to coordinate and get everything they need to start organizing. RSVP here!

Protect the City Jail Residents Against COVID-19

After two disturbances in the St. Louis City Justice Center stemming from detainees protesting over concerns over exposure to Covid-19, our allies with the Organization for Black Struggle have started a petition to demand protection for the detained residents—please sign and share!

Powerpoint Party

Do you love making Powerpoint presentations? Are you passionate about sharing your interests with others? Apply to present in STL DSA's upcoming Powerpoint party! A Powerpoint party is a virtual event where folks present about a fun topic of their choice for 5-10 minutes. Read more about what a Powerpoint Party is and how to submit a presentation idea at this form. Stay tuned for more information and thank you in advance for your interest!

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