St. Louis City Election Tomorrow

April 5, 2021

Just a reminder that tomorrow is Election Day in St. Louis, with a number of very important elections for our city’s future, including Mayor, Comptroller, 16 Board of Alderman seats, the Earnings Tax, and the School Board. The mayoral race has two candidates promising change and a city that cares more about the people than wealthy investors. The Earnings tax is incredibly important for the city’s revenue and overturning it would lead the city to take drastic steps to seek new sources of revenue to replace it. There are many progressives running for the Board of Aldermen, and we have a chance to flip the Board to a progressive majority. The school board is equally important as the city fights efforts at privatization and attacks from charter schools trying to undermine public education. We strongly encourage you to research each of these issues before voting tomorrow.

Also, if you have not yet signed the People First Budget campaign petition, please do to make sure the candidates know that you feel strongly about a budget that puts people before private profits and police. If you are a city resident, please sign the petition here.

If you live outside of the city, please sign here.

Religious Socialists Caucus organizing!

Are you a religious socialist? Then we want to hear from you! A group of members are planning a Religious Socialist Caucus in StL DSA! The current goals of the potential caucus would be to offer a faith voice to socialist campaigns, provide a space where people of faith can live out their commitment to create more just and equitable communities from a religious socialist foundation, deconstruct the perceived animosity between socialism and religion in the public imagination, and promote socialism within religious spaces, congregations, and institutions. If you are interested in helping develop the proposal further, please email the chapter at and the EC will put you in touch with the authors. We are particularly interested in having non-Christian members involved in the planning!

Help SocFem Surpass $6,000 in Funds Raised for Abortion Access!

STL DSA's Socialist Feminist Working Group is organizing for the annual Abortion Access Fund-a-Thon and just held its Trivia-thon event this weekend. The trivia event raised $365, which is more than half the cost of a first-trimester abortion and more than three average MO Abortion Fund pledges!!!

That means our team is now less than $100 away from surpassing $6,000 in funds raised for abortion access. Once we pass this threshold, we’ll have covered the cost of 12 first-trimester abortions and more than 52 average MO Abortion Fund pledges! Even better, we still have about a month and a half left to fundraise, so please create your fundraising page and/or donate to one of our team members, and help us continue making a tremendous difference for Missourians who need access to abortions and supportive care.

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