Thanks to Cori Bush Canvassers! Opportunity to Volunteer on Saturday

June 27, 2022

Thanks to all those who helped us canvass for DSA member and Congresswoman Cori Bush this weekend!

There will be more ways to canvass and volunteer in the weeks ahead! If you were unable to attend but would like to volunteer in the future, please fill out the interest form here.

Canvass with the Cori Bush Campaign this Saturday

While STL DSA is not holding our own Cori canvass this weekend, many of our members will be volunteering with the campaign. If you’re interested in joining a canvass this coming Saturday, July 2, at 10 am (at Fairgrounds Park in The Ville), please find more info and RSVP here.

Local Starbucks Workers are Organizing!

Congrats to the Starbucks stores that have voted to unionize their stores recently!

As a reminder, STL DSA DSA has made it a priority to support organizing Starbucks workers that file in our region! If you’re a Starbucks worker at a store that has filed, a worker in an unorganized workplace, a worker in another union looking to show solidarity or you’ve been watching the labor wave from a distance but haven’t yet gotten involved, please fill out this form here and join us!

Note: If you’re a Starbucks worker at a store that hasn’t yet filed or started organizing, we can connect you with the union!


One of the Starbucks workers who was organizing for a union at the Kingshighway store was fired in retaliation recently. She needs some extra help, and we know STL DSA will step up to help.

Please donate to her GoFundMe directly here.

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