This Thursday: Organizing Your Workplace Training Series, Part 3!

May 16, 2022

Join the Labor Committee for the third part of our Organizing Your Workplace training series! The third session is scheduled for this Thursday, May 19, at 6 pm.

During the series, you’ll go from being a new workplace organizer to a powerful force for your coworkers, as we discuss how to connect with coworkers, determine demands and what to expect from bosses when they push back.

RSVP here for Part 3 of the Organizing Your Workplace series.

Part 4 of the series is scheduled for Thursday, June 2. You can RSVP here for this fourth and final session.

There will also be a Graduation and Social on Saturday, June 4. We’ll have more info on this event soon!

Next Week! RSVP for the Chapter Meeting on Tuesday, May 24

STL DSA will have our monthly Chapter Meeting next Tuesday, May 24, at 7 pm via Zoom.

Find more info and make sure to RSVP here for the meeting.

We’ll see you there!

Thank You for Helping Us Reach $10,000 for MOAF! Still Time to Donate

Our fund-a-thon team has officially raised more than $10,000 to support Missouri Abortion Fund!

We are deeply grateful to everyone who has donated and shared our team’s page. Our team is still accepting donations at, so please give if you can!


Sign up to take action with Pro-Choice Missouri and Planned Parenthood!

Starbucks Workers Fighting Fund & Solidarity is Brewing! Sign-up Form

We know that when workers fight and stand up for their rights, the bosses don’t just back down. If and when management attacks Starbucks workers, we stand united behind them as socialists and fellow partners in struggle.

Please donate to our fund in solidarity here.

100% of proceeds will be directed to Starbucks workers organizing in stores throughout the St. Louis region to support their livelihoods while they’re taking brave and risky action against one of the most powerful employers in the world.


DSA has made it a nationwide priority to support organizing Starbucks workers that file in our region! If you’re a Starbucks worker at a store that has filed, a worker in an unorganized workplace, a worker in another union looking to show solidarity or you’ve been watching the labor wave from a distance but haven’t yet gotten involved, please fill out this form here and join us!

Note: If you’re a Starbucks worker at a store that hasn’t yet filed or started organizing, we can connect you with the union!

STL DSA Votes to Re-endorse Congresswoman Cori Bush

When the exploited and oppressed are under attack, Cori Bush has been there. From the streets of Ferguson and St. Louis, to the halls of Congress for the last two years, she has been a champion for working-class and democratic-socialist values, giving a voice to the movement in the center of political power in this country.

Because of this, STL DSA is PROUD to re-endorse Rep. Bush for her re-election, in both the August primary and November general election.

Stay tuned for ways to get involved in this campaign and keep DSA members in power!

Communications Committee Meeting this Wednesday!

Join the Communications Committee for our monthly meeting this Wednesday, May 18, at 6:30 pm.

We’ll be discussing ongoing priorities and upcoming projects. 

RSVP here for the meeting.

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