TOMORROW! March Chapter Meeting

March 22, 2021

Tomorrow night at 7pm Central, we have our March Chapter Meeting and there will be some important topics to discuss. In addition to our regular monthly chapter business, we have several voting issues to review If you are a voting member of the chapter, you should have already received an email from us detailing the issues that will be discussed tomorrow night. We will be discussing the following topics:

Whether you are a current member or not, you are encouraged to attend the meetingto catch up on the latest chapter business and check out future chapter business.

In Grief and Solidarity: NPC Statement on the Anti-Asian Violence in Atlanta

STL-DSA stands in solidarity with the victims of anti-Asian violence after the attacks in Atlanta and wanted to pass along the statement from DSA’s National Political Committee’s statement:

We mourn the lives of the 8 people, including 6 Asian women, who were murdered in Georgia Tuesday, and send love to their families and communities. These attacks fit a xenophobic pattern of anti-Asian violence that the capitalist class welcomes as a scapegoat for their complete inaction in the face of the COVID crisis. Of the thousands of incidents, many have been toward women, the poor, the elderly, and the undocumented. You can read our full statement here.

Building Power for Abortion Access

STL DSA's Socialist Feminist Working Group is organizing for the annual Abortion Access Fund-a-Thon. Thanks to all the members who have created a page or contributed, we’ve raised over $3,600 for Missouri Abortion Fund so far, outraising all other Fund-a-Thon groups across the state. Even better, we have until the end of April to raise funds for abortions and supportive care!

As socialists, we know attacks on abortion access are attacks on the working class. These funds are crucial, as they help pregnant people in our region gain access to the abortions and care they deserve. Additionally, abortion access has suffered tremendously under the Trump administration and the COVID pandemic, which makes this year's Fund-a-Thon especially important.

Donate to and/or join our team here on our fundraising page!

And RSVPto our upcoming Trivia-Thon event on Saturday, April 3! Use this link if you would like to register a teamuse this link

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