We All Have a Stake in Abolishing the Police

June 8, 2020

As we enter the third week of an uprising sparked by the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, we need to be clear on our own stake in the rising people’s demands. Every working class person, even white people, will benefit from the abolition of police departments and the investment of that money into programs that benefit us all. Abolition of police institutions advances every short and long term goal of this organization.  We must live and organize by the mantra “an injury to one is an injury to all” in order to combat a capitalist system that requires racism to separate and divide the working class. Wanting to go out to an action, but feeling uncertain/have no one to go with/have concerns/ something else? You’re not alone! Fill out this form if you wanna be included on our action signal chat we use to keep track of each other at actions!

We are also excited to share that our ongoing political education series Socialist Night School continues this week, with a reading excerpted from the just-published book, Capitalism on Edge. The book argues that present-day capitalism is systemically shifting the risks of economic activity onto the most vulnerable populations while simultaneously redirecting the rewards of that activity to politically favored economic actors. The result is widespread economic and social precarity. But this situation may present an opportunity. For the source of this precarity is the competitive production of profit, the very heart of the capitalist system. So if we can persuade people to fight against precarity, we’ll have persuaded them to fight against capitalism itself.

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