Saint Louis DSA


  • 314-814-8700
  • Locations:
    • 4414 North Florissant Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63107
    • 2220 Lemp Ave., St. Louis, Missouri 63104
    • 1717 Biddle, St. Louis, Missouri 63106
    • 6763 Page Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63133
    • Affinia Healthcare at The St. Louis Dental Center, 1500 Park Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63104 (Dental Only)
    • 3930 S. Broadway, St. Louis, Missouri 63118
  • From Affinia’s website: Patients whose income does not exceed 100% of the federal poverty level are charged the following nominal fees for services (additional fees may apply for other services):
    • Medical/Optometry/Behavioral Health Visit: Start at $20
    • Dental discounts are available, including dental urgent care at
      the St. Louis Dental Center: Call 314-814-8700.
    • Eyeglasses fee: $60
    • Prescription fee: Start at $13
    • Medical Urgent Care:  $75 due upfront, Additional fees may apply
    • Discounts are also provided for patients with income between 100-200% of the federal poverty level
      • To qualify for Sliding Fee Discount, patients must submit current information documenting household income and family size on an annual basis. One (or in some circumstances, a combination) of the following is acceptable documentation to assess eligibility:
        • Copy of most recent pay stubs for all members of household
        • Letter from employer stating annual income
        • W-2 forms for all members of household for recent year
        • Federal tax return 1040 from previous year
        • Social Security / entitlement statement from previous month or
        • Letter from the Division of Employment Security

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