Saint Louis DSA

Sexual/Reproductive health

  • Center for Contraceptive Choice- Title IX funding for contraception. Also take Medicaid and commercial insurance, sliding fee available for uninsured individuals
    • 314-747-0800
    • Contraceptive counseling, Reversible contraception, IUDs and Implants
    • Well-woman care including:
      • Cervical cancer screening
      • Breast exams
      • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
      • Pregnancy testing
      • Emergency contraception
      • Health insurance navigation
  • Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region:
  • Project ARK (HIV Testing): On site, free, confidential rapid HIV testing. Schedule varies. Contact for details.
  • St. Louis Effort for AIDS (HIV testing and STI testing and treatment): Testing and treatment available for free, Monday – Friday

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