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St. Louis Healthcare Resources

St. Louis DSA maintains a list of local resources to obtain healthcare, including mental health, dental services, and reproductive services for low cost or in some cases no cost. You can access these at

Reporting Misconduct or Harassment within Chapter

St. Louis DSA Misconduct Reporting Form

Use this form to make a report to a Comrade-at-Large, who act as the chapter’s Harassment/Misconduct Grievance Officers. The code of conduct is available on the website at

Appeal Form

You may request an appeal when:

  • Either party believes the behavior was not interpreted using the standards for harassment set out in Section 1a or the St. Louis code of conduct;
  • Procedural errors, misconduct, or conflicts of interest affected the fairness of the outcome; or
  • The remedy or penalty determined was grossly disproportionate to the violation committed

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