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Fair Housing Policy and Audit STL w/ Glenn Burleigh

Fair Housing Policy and Audit STL w/ Glenn Burleigh

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Glenn Burleigh has been EHOC’s Community Engagement Specialist, since 2015. Glenn was born in Pine Bluff, AR, and he came to live in St. Louis in 1997, while attending Saint Louis University. Since 2004, Glenn has been an active part of the Missouri progressive movement. Glenn spent many years working for progressive organizations, such as The Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition, SEIU, CWA, and ACORN. Glenn’s focus at EHOC is raising awareness of Fair Housing laws and the services EHOC offers to our clients. Glenn also staffs the St. Louis Equal Housing and Reinvestment Coalition (SLEHCRA), St. Louis’ Community Reinvestment Act coalition of which EHOC was a founding member organization. He is also engaged in the Audit STL organization which aims to force an audit of St. Louis’s finances.


Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing and Opportunity Council

Audit STL

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