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Socialist in a Capitalist World w/ Stuart Keating


Socialist in a Capitalist World w/ Stuart Keating

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Today’s episode features Earthbound Brewery co-owner and lawyer Stuart Keating. Stuart is an active member of DSA and provides pro-bono legal representation to activist. We discuss his ideology as a socialist business owner, the ethical constraints of capitalism, and much more!
Dodge v. Ford (a case that shaped institutional thought on corporate responsibilities). This is a link to a scholarly paper about the case because the case is boring as hell:
Animal Spirits: A book by George Akerlof (a Nobel prize winner!) about the irrationality of economics:
Systems Theory/Systems dynamics:  Thinking about things as “systems” rather than problems to be solved.  I am only acquainted with the basics of the field but as a conceptual framework it’s useful:

Murray Bookchin (his forms of grassroots organization can be directly applied to business organization)
Lincoln Electric: A publicly held company with unique labor practices like guaranteed employment and a very flat organizational hierarchy:
Oneida. An intentional community with all sorts of interesting beliefs that eventually became a global flatware company.

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