Saint Louis DSA

Wednesdays, Feb 5, 12, 26, Mar 4. 7PM. Trinity Church CWE.

St. Louis DSA is launching a Socialist Night School this February to help reinvigorate a climate of political discussion, comradely debate, and shared understanding. Our first “session” will be a crash four-week course covering some of the basics of what unites us—and what we’re up against.

Below is a brief summary of our planned syllabus, including (free!) links to readings for each session which will inform part of the discussion. There will also be additional in-class readings and activities. Socialist Night School is not modeled as a lecture, but as a collaborative learning experience.

Whether you’re curious about democratic socialism, frustrated with the status quo, or a longtime activist, come join us!

Week 1 (Feb 5) – What is Democratic Socialism?

“Reform or Revolution”, Andre Gorz
“Our Road to Power”, Vivek Chibber

Week 2 (Feb 12) – What is Neoliberalism?

“Neoliberalism: A Brief Explanation of Neoliberal Policies”, Moro Margherita
“Should the City Turn Over Operation of St. Louis Lambert International Airport?”, Jeanette Cooperman

Week 3 (Feb 26th) – Race and Class Analysis

“A World View of Race”, Ralph Bunche
The Trouble with Diversity [excerpt], Walter Benn Michaels

Week 4 (March 4) – The (Very Brief) History of Socialism & Working Class Movements in the US

“Why the US Working Class is Different”, Mike Davis

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